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Finally, surprisingly and interestingly, I have made my dream come true: working for myself. And bringing my breath, rhythm mixed with enthusiasm into WATER BUFFALO. It is not only a trade mark, but also a long standing symbol for Vietnamese people , who has a very old rice civilization. The image of a kind buffalo always reminds me of the peaceful days of my childhood beside my parents, who day after day worked industriously in the evergreen rice field, and of course the image of a herd of buffaloes grazing leisurely after a day’s hard work. It is a place itself where, on a special night, the New Year’s Eve of the year of the Buffalo, I was born in the joy of my parents, my brothers and sisters. That is the idea that helps give birth to the company: WATER BUFFALO TRAVEL SERVICE TRADING Co Ltd
Being a small-sized tourist company and also a late comer, however, with many years working for tourist industry as a tour guide, tour operator, I , in an energetic manner, have always longed to create a dynamic and attractive tourist environment for domestic as well as international tourists. I myself, along with my colleagues, are always beside you and experience Vietnamese life with you_ Join us as we are true friends of yours!

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The most much inspirations of Vietnam and Laos Holidays was tailored in specialize for 2018 and 2019. Contact us info@vietbuffalo.com for your best advice.  Learn More...

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Top 1 heritage site in South East Asia as Angkor Wat, and the most beautiful country in Indochina as Vietnam, Let enjoy Vietnam and Cambodia Holidays. Learn More...

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We tailored the most inspired Vietnam and Myanmar Holidays which are still the wild life and mostly untouched tourism. Learn More...

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Vietnam and Thailand holidays are top 2 best destinations. It's not only give you the value of culture, custom, also the various beautiful landscapes. Learn More..

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